In Agillic an application is a set of pages where input fields prompts the recipient to give information, and finally do something with that information.

Examples of applications that can be coded:

  • Signup
  • Update profile
  • Events
  • Information
  • Login

Agillic comes with a list of these, which you can download from the Media Browser in Agillic and extend if you like. Follow this path to download and upload applications:

* media
** webapps
*** apps

Uploading files to the webapps folder using WebDAV will “auto-publish” the uploaded files directly to the staging environment.

These are documented in the standard section. It can be a good idea to have a look here to see how we have solved certain problems.

If you cannot use the standard applications, you will have to build a customized application. To make development of your application easier, there is a taglibrary where you have access to input fields, validators and functions. With these, you can build most of the standard applications without too much knowledge of jsp or java.

If you cannot build your application using only the taglibs, then you need to start writing your own jsp code to achieve what it is you want. This will most likely require knowledge of Agillic, so you should read the jsp section. If you start to venture down this road, you will have to have some level of jsp and java code.

Troubleshooting custom coded applications is outside the scope of Agillic Support.