Automatic Redirection

Follow this guide to setup automatic redirection from to

  • Use WebDAV to access Agillic Media Browser -> webapps folder
  • Create a folder called ROOT
  • In the ROOT folder create a folder called WEB-INF

The structure of folders in webDAV should now look like this (folder names below are case sensitive):

* media
** webapps
*** ROOT
  • Create a files called index.jsp, with the following code
    String portalUrl = "/web/namedservice/home";
    String queryString = request.getQueryString();
    response.sendRedirect(portalUrl + (queryString != null ? "?" + queryString : ""));
  • Upload the index.jsp file to the ROOT folder

The final structure of folders in the Media Browser should be like this:

* media
** webapps
*** ROOT
**** index.jsp