Setting up WebDAV

WebDAV is an extension of the HTTPS protocol which allows you to upload, download and view web content from an Agillic Instance.

You will need to use WebDAV when you want to access your export files and the log files for your instance. WebDAV also allows you to access your instance’s Media Browser to bulk upload resources such as images and to see the import files uploaded recently to your instance.

You can access four folder structures of the Agillic Instance with a WebDAV connection.

These folders are:

  • Import Files
  • Export Files
  • Media Browser
  • Log Files

How to set up the software

There are separate programs you can use depending on which Operating System your computer runs.

We do not support the below third-party software. Other clients are available if needed. For Windows, you can use WinSCP For MacOS, you can use Cyberduck.

Formats for logging in with WebDAV

# Folder Example Use Case
1 Export Files Download Export Files
2 Import Files Upload Import Files, Inspect Failed/Imported Files
3 Media Browser Upload Images, Templates, and Custom Applications
4 Log Files View SDK, Access, and Catalina Logs

How to Login to WebDAV for Windows

The below example uses WinSCP.

  1. Open WinSCP
    • WinSCP opens with a login window
  2. Paste in the URL path you want to access into the Host Name field e.g. for Candy-stag’s Media Browser. Once pasted in, only will show.
  3. Verify that
    • ‘File Protocol’ is ‘WebDAV’
      • ‘Encryption’ is ‘TLS/SSL Implicit Encryption’
      • ‘Port Number’ is ‘443
  4. Fill in your username and password. These are the same credentials you use to log into your Agillic instance.
  5. Click ‘Login’

You are now logged into WebDAV and can upload, download and view the files from your Agillic environment’s folder.

If you are not able to login, you might want to check if your user has the appropriate permissions to access WebDAV.