Deep Linking

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Follow this guide set up a deelink to an advisor portal page. The deeplink will contain three parts:

  1. The link
  2. The login for an agent
  3. The UID for the recipient being looked up(optional)

Use this URL:

Parameter Description Example
Server_Name Your Agillic instance
Advisor_page Menu Item URI of the Advisor page to show ‘Result’ or ‘Search’

The token parameter for the agent is required to log into the Advisor portal and the pid parameter is optional for instantly looking up a user. If the pid parameter is not added, it is recommend to link to a ‘search’ site where recipients can be looked up.


MD5 is the MD5 Hashing Algorithm.

URISAFE_BASE64 is a variant of base64 encoding, which replaces certain base64 characters so that they can be transported in urls, url parameters, and cookies without being escaped.

Character Replacement
/ _
= !


For each parameter a token must be created.

Parameter Description Format Example
Agent_username The Username for the Agent logging in String AdamE
UID Recipient ID, set in Agillic Administration under ‘Person Data’ String
Timestamp Describes when the link expires Unix number 1505812061
Secretsalt Used to authorise the deeplink. Can be found in Agillic Administration under ‘Web’ String QXPKpm8fu0Q8GDF1S6YKzFSSzHcZgf