Deploying Extension

Before deploying any type of extension, you should make sure to test locally as much as possible, to streamline the development process.

To upload new extensions to, or access existing extensions from a specific Agillic Instance, upload the JavaScript files through WebDAV media folder.

Follow this path to upload extensions:

* media
** extensions

After uploading the files, the extensions are accessible on the staging environment. Depending on the Extension’s type, it can be invoked in different ways.

We recommend logging, so that any issues can be quickly identified and remedied. After confirmation of correctness, you can reduce logging to the necessities. See the logger helper for more information.

After testing your extension on staging, it will need to be published to production. If you login does not have publish rights, find a colleague who can assist you.

Contact your Agillic administrator to learn how to get access to the Agillic UI, or login to WebDav.