Flows API

Agillic flows are used to to send out outbound communications or to perform data actions like exporting or changing data for one or more recipients.

To set which type of action should take place, you can insert Steps into your Flow e.g. by inserting an Email Step or inserting an SMS Step. It is also possible to insert an extension.

Agillic flows are executed using one of three methods:

  1. By manual execution from the Agillic UI
  2. By schedule – i.e. every day at 1pm, every first Monday of each month
  3. Triggered by an event added to a link or button – clicked by a recipient

The Flows API is meant for Flow operations like executing flows programmatically. This allows for integration with external applications for flow execution requirements beyond the standard capabilities of the Agillic platform.

API Use Cases

With the Flow API you can:

  • Start a specific flow for the recepients included in the Target Group assigned to the flow


The call will execute the flow asynchronously, so the actual completion of the flow could happen later. The call will return HTTP 404 if the flow does not exist.

API Documentation