Email & Transactional email templates are for the email inbox.
Common usecases are emails like promotional emails, notification emails, transactional emails or just a regular personalised newsletters.

Restricting Template

Restrict the template to Email.

<meta name="agavailability" content="email">

Restrict the template to Transactional Email.

<meta name="agavailability" content="transactional email">

Restrict the template to both Email and Transactional Email.

<meta name="agavailability" content="email,transactional email">

Disable the template from selection.

<meta name="agavailability" content="inactive">

agavailability is required in the <head>.

Sender Information

Define which sender information will be preinserted on new emails.

<personalfrom>Service Team</personalfrom>
  • <personalfrom> is the name that is displayed to recipients when they receive the email.
  • <from> is the email address that displays as the sender of the email.
  • <replyto> is the email address a recipient will reply to.

Insert data into the sender information.



Define the link to the online version of the email.

<a href="webcopy://show?evt=Webcopy">View this email in a browser</a>

Tracking Placement

Define the placement of the tracking pixel in an email with agopen.


Agillic will place the tracking in the bottom of an email, unless <agopen/> is placed elsewhere in the template.

<agopen/> is required to be a child element of <body>, but are required not to be a child element of agblockgroup and agrepeatingblock.

Hidden Preview Text

Preview text is a snippet of copy pulled in from the body of your email and typically displayed underneath the sender name and subject line in a subscriber’s inbox.

agactive are used to control what we see in the editor and at runtime.

VML-Based Button

This approach uses styling on the link itself to structure and style the button for most email clients. Structure is supplied via the line-height and width properties.

As a fallback for Microsoft Outlook, Vector Markup Language (VML) is used within an Outlook-specific conditional comment. The VML creates a box around the link in Outlook, then styles the anchor tag to create the button design for everyone else.

blockparam are defined in data attributes. They cannot be defined in MSO comments.